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Our reseller program is ideal for companies who already work with clients in the medical industry and are interested in building their business by offering our web design and online marketing solutions under their own brand name. In preparing a qualified reseller to begin selling our solutions, we provide the reseller with training, sales tools, and personalized sales agreements. In terms of client service, our team of Support professionals offer our reseller’s clients website support and maintenance through an online system which is fully personalized to the reseller’s brand. Our agreement of confidentiality means that each reseller will always maintain their relationship with their client while our professionals work diligently behind the scenes.

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When it comes to compensating our resellers, we actually have no set formula. In fact, we believe the best partner-reseller relationships are formed through getting to know one another, hearing out expectations, and coming to an agreement which is satisfying to all parties. Some resellers will be able to offer a high volume of client contracts from the start, while others may offer a steady volume but without requiring a lot of guidance from our team. Due to the differing strengths and challenges of each reseller, our terms are flexible and ready to be customized to each unique relationship!

Medicis Marketing

Get the power to sell without the headache of managing staff. Our talented web designers, programmers, content writers, marketing experts, and support professionals provide the tools to make reselling a success!

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